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The Little Guy

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Look, I hate to be the one to tell you, but you have posted around 5 or 6 topics here at gamedev that all ask pretty much the same thing.

The short answer is no. Nobody has any games to donate to your website.

The proof is in the fact that your 5 or 6 topics have so far yielded zero results.

I definately sound overcritical here, and a reply like this to one of my posts would surely piss me off. However, you do have to look at the situation and notice that any replies to your posts have either been critical, or they want to see your site before they post their games. This is entirely expected, people don''t want your site to make their game look bad. They have no assurance you won''t be re-distributing their files with viruses. In short, you have offered nothing but free web space, and then limited this to 5MB. Most people on this site would likely have 5MB free webspace throught their isp, and know enough html to put their own games up.

If you are just learning html, or associated technologies, build a sample site, with dummy files that people can download. This will demonstrate your capability with web tech, and allow any game donaters to make an informed decision on whether to donate...

All the best

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