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How do I use timeSetEvent()?

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I''ve read the MSDN, and I don''t really understand what it''s getting at. I understand that the timer runs in a different thread, and depending on what you call it with it will do different things, but I don''t know what SetEvent and PulseEvent do, or what sort of function it would need to point to if it had the TIME_CALLBACK_FUNCTION set. Could I just make it point to a void someFunc(void) and have that function set a variable for me?

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timeSetTimer when you set it in event mode will release (or pulse) a HEVENT event, that you create with CreateEvent(). If you don''t know how Events work, then you probably should read up on the threading section of MSDN; they implement your basic "gate" thread synchronization primitive.

As for the callback function, the type of the function you''re supposed to declare is a TimeProc. The prototype for TimeProc is, according to MSDN:

void CALLBACK MyTimeProc(
UINT uMsg,
DWORD dwUser,
DWORD dw1,

If you have any more Windows API questions, msdn.microsoft.com really is your friend. It has all the answers.

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I always try to figure it out before coming here to ask I have a copy of the VC++ 6.0 msdn files on my computer, so I don't have to go to their website, which in my opinion is quite unfriendly compared to my trusty help files. Anyway, thanks, you have lead me to enlightenment and I understand what I am to do.

edit: I find the msdn hard to understand when it is explaining something, as they tend to speak in a cryptic way. The only things I can somewhat accuratly decipher are the function definitions, and as you can see, i'm not even that great at that.

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