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Skeletal animation a few questions

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first of all we use the standard biped for character models so my question is the biped has this main bone i think it s called pivot when i perform the transformations i need to do this for both the current frame and the next frame and then interpolate between these 2 frames by currentframe+ (nextframe-currentframe)*timeelapsed; timeelapsed is the time since the beginning of the current frame another question i have 3 meshes 1st : static mesh for 2nd : vertex positions in relation to the parent bone`s local coordinate system 3rd : more or less the drawing buffer for the final transformed mesh please correct me if there s something i am doing wrong i haven t started setting this up because i wanted to clear these aspects before wasting time on erroneous code/concept

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make sure time elapsed is a decimal between 0 and 1

and I've known it to be:
current frame = (endframe - beginframe)*interpolatepercent;
OpenGL Game Programming has it as:
Current frame = Initial Frame + interpolatepercent * (End - Initial). That's what I'd use.

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