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Fallin' Frank 1.0 (with Online Scoring)

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Hey all, I just released the official version of a free game I have been working on since last October! The most notable feature of it is that you can submit your score or check other peoples scores online directly from within the game. I plan on resetting the score list weekly and posting the previous weeks top 10 list on my website. Here are the links (site and download) below, followed by the true description of the game. Screenshots can be found on the site. Site: http://mogwai.volcanicsoft.com/downloads/ff/ Download: http://mogwai.volcanicsoft.com/downloads/f-frank.zip Fallin'' Frank is a completely free, fast-paced game in which you must continuously dodge rising platforms (and unhealthy items)! As you progress, the platforms increase in speed. Every 100th floor you clear, the platform design will change (each one is very unique). The objective is to stay as close to the bottom of the screen as possible, because the red laser beam at the top will fry you if touched! As the game progresses, your score goes up in higher increments. There are also 16 items that can be collected (bonus points, power-UPS, power-DOWNS, and specials), each of which will either help you in your adventure, or badly interfere with yoru conquest. Some of the items have instant effects (such as the platform and player speeds, bonus points, and instant death), while others can be saved and used when you desire (Super Frank, Time Stopper, etc.). When you do get fried by the beam, you can submit your score online or locally, and try to become the best Fallin'' Frank you can be!

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LOL fun game

Edit: When I alt+tab out and go back, many texutres are not re-loaded, perhaps you are aware, just making a note of it.

[edited by - Zern on April 19, 2003 2:50:37 PM]

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