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Allowing user to create an instance of class

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Hi. I''m new to OOP with C++ and wanted to make a simple database type program,in an attempt to get used to OOP. Anyway maybe i''ve missed something very simple but I haven''t come across a method to allow the user to make a new instance of a class, the only way im used to doing so is by writing it into the code. Thanks.

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ObjectManager->Add(new CObject);

or maybe

rawrr = new CObject;


or maybe I misunderstood the question...

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Create a dynamic array of the class type you want to let the user create. Then whenever , you enlarge the array by one element, and create the class-instance for that element...

Hope I''m clear.

Some sample-code in Delphi :

// First, declaration of a dynamic TMyClass array, where TMyClass
// is the name the name of the class.
var ArrayWithMyClass = Array of TMyClass;

// Here is a function declaration (in delphi called a procedure here)
// It is triggered when the user clicks a button.
procedure TForm1.Button1Click(Sender: TObject);
// The following line adds one element to our array
SetLength(ArrayWithMyClass, Length(ArrayWithMyClass) + 1);
// And now, we''ve got to create that element. The
// .create is similar to "new" in C++
ArrayWithMyClass[Length(ArrayWithMyClass) - 1] := TMyClass.Create;

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