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Back to basics SMP Style !!!!!!!

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I have been reading the threads (no Pun intended ) on Multi - threaded programs, However I visited www.openmp.org and have a few questions. I am running Redhat 9 and did some more reading on p_threads . where can I find information in making a "Hello World" Application where it is SMP? Example cpu0 displays "Hello", cpu1 displays "World". Of course I am using gcc. is there any site that you fine people know of that has the tutorial and a full explanation of using p_threads? I am wanting to try this on C and C++, not fortran, also is there a difference in coding for Hyperthreading as well? Since we are dealing with a Physical CPU and a Virtual opposed to two physical CPUS? Thanks in advance Shut up brain!!! Or I will stab you with a Q-Tip!!!

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Hyper-threading is misnomer, hypo-threading is more accurate. It''s just two decoding units - two funnels of code into one bus, one ALU & one FPU. It will behave very much like the time-slicing predacessors.

True SMP machines can actually process two things simutaneously. There are issues with read-modify-write cycles and local CPU caching. The Intel SMP architecture is very friendly to the software programmer, as the truely ugly issues (stale cache) are handled by the hardware (the CPUs and bus-controller(s)).

You still need to ensure that data really is written to main memory, and not optimized into a local register (or left in the write cache) for the cases that are important.

Try google for pthread tutorial

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