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Accurate polling timer?

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Hi, I need an accurate polling timer! The WinAPI documentation says that on Windows 95 and above, GetTickCount() is only accurate to within 55 milliseconds. That''s pretty poor. What other options are there?

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BOOL QueryPerformanceFrequency(

LARGE_INTEGER *lpFrequency // address of current frequency

BOOL QueryPerformanceCounter(

LARGE_INTEGER *lpPerformanceCount // address of current counter value

are the two functions u need...surprisingly they are in the API... first initialize the timer with the frequency and every frame get the time with counter...to get accurate down to the millisecond...divide the current time by the frequency (or multiply by the inverse <----faster, but keep the inverse as a constant variable somewhere)

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This should help:

fTimeDelta is time in ms between liCurrentTime and liLastTime.

liCurrentTime, liLastTime, liTimeDelta, and liFrequency are all LARGE_INTEGERs

liFrequency is obtained from the QueryPerformanceFrequency() call.

	//Calculate time delta
QueryPerformanceCounter (&liCurrentTime);
liTimeDelta.QuadPart = liCurrentTime.QuadPart - liLastTime.QuadPart;
fTimeDelta = (double)liTimeDelta.QuadPart / (double)liFrequency.QuadPart * 1000;
liLastTime = liCurrentTime;

This is not blazingly fast, but it's very accurate and speed shouldn't be too much of an issue if you only do this once per frame.
You could optimize it by multiplying liFrequency by 1000 as soon as you get the timer frequency.

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