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Released MindEngine v0.0.3

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Source and Binaries Although there are a fair share of bugs and I havn't gotten done some of the things I wanted to, I'm releasing 0.0.3 because there are a good share of changes. What's new in 0.0.3: -Created the beginings of the platform-independent support -Transfered all platform information in mConfig.h to mPlatform.h -The sample program now averages out the total FPS Known bugs in 0.0.3: -The Direct3D9 renderer is unable to generate dynamic texures which is preventing it from creating any textures whatsoever (as even static textures need to first be dynamic) -Fog does not work with the OpenGL renderer -Quads do not render correctly in the Direct3D renderer (spheres work fine though) Bug fixes from 0.0.2: -n/a James Simmons MindEngine Development http://medev.sourceforge.net [edited by - neurokaotix on April 20, 2003 8:25:39 PM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Neither quads nor spheres are primitives you need. You need only one primitive: triangle mesh.

An engine should provide the call renderMeshWithShaderAtPositionInOrientation() (possibly adding WithPose) and not much else.

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