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Game Design-Circle engine

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I am currently storyboarding and writing a design document for a game engine I am working on, the will have 10-30 functions predefined to include in all the games I will work on. Keyword is functions! Not advanced data structures. It will have a set of functions for collision detection, AI processing, Garbage collection, initilization, releasing resources, drawing graphics, reading in bitmaps and sounds as well as all the windows classes and window registration stuff.\ All these functions will be all self contained, only global variable be run state, basicly, a bunch of self contained modules all into one header and .cpp file, which I will call my engine. I will also have a pre-defined set of graphics included with the engine, so the games I write with it can already have some working graphics without writing them on my own. The engine is designed to be very maintanable, and reusable with most games I create, and a very strong, maintanable code structure. The engine will be designed for simple circle graphics and collision detection which I am going to use for my upcoming game series (untitled). Every game will be basicly a bunch of circles (top down or side scrolling) with different functions. I am planning on writing a Hockey game, Football game, and a fishing game (maybe more if succesfull) with this one engine.As you can tell I am not biting off more than I can chew, because this will basicly be like a pong with more graphics and sounds. If I havent already lost you, my questions are: Do you think this is a good idea, and will it be succesfull? If you can, give me some tips on what I should include in my engine to make it reusable and efficent. And the big one, should I include multiplayer support for online hockey games?

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