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David Henry

concrete mathematics

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Hello everyone, I am relatively new to this whole programming / math thing, coming from a music background. I think it''s extremely cool. I am posting this as a kind of survey, so please give constructive comments. I am interested to know how many of you have read the books by Knuth, particularly Concrete Mathematics, and his Art of Computer Programming series. My feeling is that they are extremely hard-core, but I''m seriously interested to know, in the game community, how relevant, useful etc. that you have found them. Also, comment on how you feel they apply to the practise of programming, rather than just the pure theory. Thanks!

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I've got a copy of Knuth's Concrete Mathematics, and I've read through it. It was a textbook for one of my courses back in my college days, and I've had it on my office bookshelf ever since.

It's basically an intermediate level math book, going over a mixed bag of math topics that are used in computing. It's not particularly 'hard core' as you call it. It's something you'd go through as an undergrad computer science student, before you went into any serious theory or algorithm analysis courses.

It's a very nice, well written book.

Nothing in there is going to be directly applicable to programming games, except that it's material you're going to need to understand to study analysis of algorithms, which is something that _will_ help most serious programmers.

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