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the game

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i was gonna say "your monitor"
ap beat me to a smartass remark.

OP: if you want a serious answer, ask a serious question.

[edit: constructive(?) criticism]

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I''m working on a multi-player FPS right now. The main thing I''m worried about is the modeling, graphics, etc. Once thats done it''s open game. When your ready to start coding the main engine components, some ideas to consider are:

1)Is it indoor or out door? If it''s out door use an octree if it''s indoor use a BSP tree or an octree with portals.

2)A good particle system. Why? I''m into fine detail, if you shoot a gun it had better flash then smoke. If you shoot a wall, little chunks better fall off and some dust had better come out of the hole. Just throw a decal on the wall where the bullet hit then make dust fall from it, maybe some sparks too

3)Good camera control. I don''t think you really need a physics system for a basic FPS shooter just velocity, all you need to do is move. Some controls might be crouch, jump, walk, run, strafe, paddle backwards, etc. Once you have that done, add a little cos() to the camera so it sways back and forth to make it look like your walking. Of course you can always add basic physics though, like gravity. That way if you jump you will fall back to the ground, stair case, on top of a crate, etc.

4)If it''s a multiplayer what about teleporters? If you run out of ammo and someone chasing you just go in a teleporter and get out of there. When you go into a teleporter let the engine decide which one you come out of.

Thats just some of my basic ideas, good luck with it and have fun!


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