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Switching API's

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hi, first. I DONT WANT THIS TO BE A FLAME WAR, SO IF YOUR NOT GONNA ANSWER PRODUCTIVLY, DONT! i want to know, from experienced coders, how the transition from OpenGL to DirectX iv decided to switch because of GL''s extension system (you know why..) mainly agrivated by the number of New DirectX 9 features on my Radeon i love GL and hav done so, for 3 years now and i want some oppinions on how the transition went. thanx ps. moderators, dont hesitate to shut this thread down if it gets ugly! A GOOD friend will come bail you out of jail... but, a TRUE friend will be sitting next to you saying, "Damn, we fucked up." Ingite 3D Game Engine Home -- Just click it

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If you''re an experienced OpenGL guy, then you have all the concepts already, so you really just need to learn the new lingo. And really it''s the concepts that are the hard part.

I''m not sure if this will help but at my site I have a number of NeHe''s OpenGL lessons converted to Direct3D. You may find it helpful to compare the two. www.drunkenhyena.com or just click the .sig.

Stay Casual,

Drunken Hyena

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I code in both as well...though I have done more Direct3D programming since the 8.0 SDK came out.

As well as DrunkenHyena''s fine site, you can also check out mine at www.wazooenterprises.com

I''ve got some tutorials and source code (DX8) to a game..

My only REAL bitch about Direct3D programming is device initialization/enumeration. That''s one key area where I feel OpenGL is far easier.

But you''re right..the extension mechanism of OGL''s is "clunky" IMHO and not my style. In that respect, Direct3D has been a lot easier to get running on multiple cards.

I''m not trying to add (or start) a flame war...silvermace was just asking about experiences of those who made the switch and I''m just giving my 2 cents..

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