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I have a problem with Direct3D and Visual C++ .NET I''ve recently started learning DirectX (from Mason McCuskey''s book) and when I''ve got to the first program in Direct3D the compiler anounced such error (this is copied from Output Window in Visual C++): Compiling... main.cpp Linking... main.obj : error LNK2019: unresolved external symbol _Direct3DCreate9@4 referenced in function "long __cdecl InitD3D(struct HWND__ *)" (?InitD3D@@YAJPAUHWND__@@@Z) Debug/d3d01.exe : fatal error LNK1120: 1 unresolved externals After a while I''ve got mad and reinstalled the whole system, but the error still appears. I''ve checked the Include directory list, and Libraries directory list and c:\dxsdk\include is on the top, so I guess it''s correct. Because the sample program is in DirectX 8.0, I''ve tried tutorial 1 program from DirectX SDK, and it doesn''t work too. A word about my configuration: Windows XP (no service pack) Visual Studio .NET (full installation, no service pack either) DirectX SDK 9.0 (C++)(I don''t remember the bulid number, but I downloaded it about 2 weeks ago) I don''t have any connection to Internet I have AMD Duron 1000MHz with 256MB SDRAM and GForce 2MX 400 64MB (I don''t think it''s important so I won''t give You the whole configuration) Here are the paths to the complete Build Log and the sample program: Please help me, what do I need to do? ______________________________ Adam ''''Psyho'''' Pohorecki

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