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Anyone used PgBlt?

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Has anyone ever got PgBlt(..) to work. It is supposed to draw a bitmap inside a polygon, specifically a rhombus. But I have never been able to get it to work. One of the arguments is a mono-bitmap for masking. Has anyone got an example of this function actually working?

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the problem why this (and some other blit functions) dont work most of the time is that they need hardware support. i think with GetDeviceCaps you can check if your hardware supports the blit.
My voodoo3 doesnt support anything other then BitBlt

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My solution is to write my own PgBlt function to draw a DIB in a polygon with A being the top-left point B the top-tight and C the bottom left point of the polygon:

void PgBlt(TDC *source, TDC *dest, TPoint pA,TPoint pB, TPoint pC){
//get pointer to data of DIB

//get pointer to data of output DIB

//or something like that similar.

int a=pA.x, b=pB.x, c=pC.x;
int A=pA.y, B=pB.y, C=pC.y;

if( PixelIsInPolygon(i,j,pA,pB,pC) ){
//find the co-ordinates of the soure bitmap to use

int bit =pixX + pixY * dib.Width();
int bit2=i + j * dib2.Width();
//set the RGB components of the output

data2[bit2*3+0] = data[bit*3+0];
data2[bit2*3+1] = data[bit*3+1];
data2[bit2*3+2] = data[bit*3+2];


Or something like that. On a 500Mhz computer I think this would be fast enough for simple applications such as displaying a rotating bitmap. I haven't tried it yet. If someone wants to try it, and see if I made any mistakes here. You could try it with GetPixel() and SetPixel() but I have found them to be extremely slow.

[edited by - paulbird on April 28, 2003 1:15:45 PM]

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