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function parameters

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Hello! To start with, Im playing with new things when it comes to functions (such as function pointers etc) and I would like to know how to get the parameters passed to a function when I do this: void Test(int x, ...) { } I call my test function with: Test(10, 20, 30, "hi"); But I only know that x is 10. How do I access the other variables? What is the name used for "..."? Sorry for posting this, I would have searched... but I dont know what to search for Thanks

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This is an example from an open source chess program that I have read in the past that uses it. Search for the va_ functions on the net, or look them up in a reference book. You need to include stdarg.h I believe. This function below basically is just a printf() wrapper. In the program, it needed fflush() to be called after each outputs, so the author chose to do it like this.

void VSendToWinboard(const char * szFmt, ...)
char aszBuf[1024];
va_list lpArgPtr;

va_start(lpArgPtr, szFmt);
vsprintf(aszBuf, szFmt, lpArgPtr);
printf("%s\n", aszBuf);

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