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str=new char[103];

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krumms, that would only be a problem if A) his setup does not recognize standard C++ file extensions as C++ files, or, B) he is not using a standard C++ file extension. Modern versions of gcc recognize that a .cpp or .cc or .cxx, etc. files are C++ files, and should compile and link accordingly.

Of course, you should definately at least try this first, and that might tell you what the problem is.

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Original post by tHiSiSbOb
yes, the error is that the new operator is "not defined"

Do you mean something like this:

/tmp/ccyZ2uXU.o(.text+0x16): In function `main'':
: undefined reference to `operator new[](unsigned)''
/tmp/ccyZ2uXU.o(.text+0x2d): In function `main'':
: undefined reference to `operator delete[](void*)''
/tmp/ccyZ2uXU.o(.eh_frame+0x11): undefined reference to `__gxx_personality_v0''

If so, krumms is right. Use g++ and not gcc. Gcc will invoke g++ to compile your code, but it won''t link with the C++ library. Either use g++ or explicitly link with libstdc++:

g++ -o progname


gcc -o progname -lstdc++

If it doesn''t help, try to provide more informations, like the exact error message.

Hope this helps.

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