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Ogg Vorbis Problem

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I can''t seem to get this to work, I can open and read from the Ogg Vorbis file, but can''t stream the data to OpenAL properly. (OpenAL has been initialized somewhere else, and wavs play properly) #define NUM_MP3_BUFFERS 2 size_t pooread(void *buf,unsigned int a,unsigned int b,void * fp) { return fread(buf,a,b,(FILE *)fp); } int pooclose(void * fp) { return fclose((FILE *)fp); } int pooseek(void *fp,__int64 a,int b) { return fseek((FILE *)fp,(long)a,b); } long pootell(void *fp) { return ftell((FILE *)fp); } void COggPlayer:lay() { OggVorbis_File vf; FILE * fi = fopen("plum3.ogg","rb"); ov_callbacks ovcb; ovcb.read_func = pooread; ovcb.close_func = pooclose; ovcb.seek_func = pooseek; ovcb.tell_func = pootell; if( ov_open_callbacks(fi,&vf,NULL,0,ovcb) < 0 ) { TRACE("Input does not appear to be an Ogg bitstream.\n"); return; } //info vorbis_comment * vcomment = ov_comment(&vf,-1); TRACE("Vendor: %s\n",vcomment->vendor); for(int i=0;icomments;i++) { TRACE("Comment: %s\n",vcomment->user_comments); } vorbis_info * vinfo = ov_info(&vf,-1); TRACE("Bitsream is %d channel, %dHz\n",vinfo->channels,vinfo->rate); TRACE("Decoded length: %d\n",ov_pcm_total(&vf,-1)); char pcmout[8192]; ALuint buffer[NUM_MP3_BUFFERS]; ALuint source; int ind = 0; alGenBuffers(NUM_MP3_BUFFERS,buffer); alGenSources(1,&source); ALfloat pos[] = {0,0,-1,0,0,0}; alSourcef(source,AL_PITCH,1.f); alSourcef(source,AL_GAIN,1.f); alSourcefv(source,AL_POSITION,pos); alSourcefv(source,AL_VELOCITY,pos); alSourcei(source,AL_LOOPING,AL_FALSE); ALint processed; bool bPlayed = false; while(1) { alGetSourcei(source,AL_BUFFERS_PROCESSED,&processed); if( processed>0 || !bPlayed ) { TRACE("Processed: %d\n",processed); int bs=0; long ret=ov_read(&vf,pcmout,sizeof(pcmout),0,2,1,&bs); if( ret <= 0 || bs != 0 ) { break; } TRACE("read %d\n",ret); alBufferData(buffer[ind],AL_FORMAT_STEREO16,pcmout,ret,vinfo->rate); alSourceQueueBuffers(source,1,&buffer[ind]); ind=(ind+1)%NUM_MP3_BUFFERS; TRACE("upped\n"); if( !bPlayed ) { alSourcePlay(source); bPlayed = true; } } } ov_clear(&vf); }

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Guest Anonymous Poster
I had the exact same problem. You are probably linking these files:


You need to link these files:


The bad news is that this doesn''t work either. When you try to run it it gives you a bunch of error messages such as _free already defined. Can anyone tell me how to go around this stupid error?

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