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How to display multiple lines of texts...

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Hi, all; I am new to OpenGL and have been trying very hard to figure out how to do multiple lines of texts. All the tutorials that I have seen only displayed one line of text... I am currently using wglUseFontOutlines to display outline fonts on my 3D application. It all works fine if I just display one line of text. The problem comes when I want to display multiple lines of texts and texts next to each other. I am not able to determine the width and height of the displaying string to know where to put my next string next to it or below it. I have seen people saying that the structure GLYPHMETRICSFLOAT contains information that tells the width or height. However, I am not sure what units it is using (In MSDN, it indicated they are specified in notional units but I don''t know how to translate it to what I am using...) Hope to get some answers from you gurus.... Any help will be greatly appreciated. Thanks.

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