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Billboard-Camera alignment matrices (a problem relating to them...)

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I know I can use the inverse of my view matrix to keep my billboard poly''s perfectly aligned towards the camera in my scene, but what do I do if I only want to keep the facing pointed at the camera, without rotating the billboard along its edges - i.e. if the camera spins then the billboard will seem rotated on 2-dimensions to the user, but the image will always be visible. I need to do this because my game is a space sim, so if an explosion animation is playing I want it to always face the player, but obviously if they did something like fly in a spin towards it the explosion animation should not remain perfectly orientated to their point of view. What kind of matrix should I be using for this, or what changes should I be making to the matrix I have (i.e. the inverse of the view matrix - yes I do know and do use the transpose to save on the cost of calculating a determinant)? Any help is greatly appreciated. ##UnknownPlayer##

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