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[java] Tetris Clone well info to get me to the first steps

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I was just wondering what i would need to look into to start working on a tetris clone to be made in an apllication for not on an applet. I know id have to learn about double buffering and was wondering if there was a good site on that.. and like graphics and frame objects... Thnx all for your info.

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Hey, Psionic-X. I see you joined GameDev recently. Welcome!

The GameDev site features some excellent resources. At the top of this page there is a link called "Articles and Resources," or something like that. Click on that. When the next page is displayed, scroll down to a section called "Languages," and click on the Java link. Some of that information should be helpful.

Also, Sun''s website is always a good place to seek information about Java programming. I think the URL is:

If you prefer a book, a very good one is Java Programming for the Absolute Beginner, by Joseph P. Russell. The book teaches basic Java programming by creating a number of simple games. One of these games, by the way, is a Tetris clone. I have quite a few books, but I seem to pull this one from my bookcase more often than most.

Another good book is Java 1.4 Game Programming, although I don''t recall the author''s name at the moment. This book covers Java from the ground up, and explores new features of the Java 1.4 SDK, like full-screen mode and networking.

Good luck!

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lol that doesnt answer my question. though i didnt know about the rescource section before so ill look through that.

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