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Best book 4 begginers

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not sure you can bye a book.

Seriously though... It depends on what you already know and what you want to do. You said game programming, so I assume your going with C/C++.

You need to know C/C++ atleast the basics before you go into ANY game programming, but I did enjoy Andre Lamoth''s "Tricks of the windows game programming gurus". Although it assumes you know *some* programming it also goes through very basics things such as creating a window, playing a sound in a window, and using windows GDI functions to draw to a window.

By the end of the book you have a full blown 2D Space Shooter game, sort of like an old stlye arcade game in Direct X.

I never read the whole thing but found the tutorials quite detailed and a great newbie reference. Of course as you learn you''ll need more books on specific things, but it''s a start. I still suggest you know a little C/C++ before getting it though.

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