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Making a demo reel (video capture)

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Hi, This is not code related, but I''m looking for the best way to make a demo reel out of the game. I''m looking at encoding the final output at high res PAL format 720x576 25 fps, but I will need to do editing with it first. Some of the options I have tried for capturing are 1. Screen capture programs like CamStudio, Camtasia etc. All these doesn''t work well as they rely on screen capture using GDI API. 2. Fraps. This works well as it reads directly from DX but it''s limited to 640x480, which is a problem. 3. Getting a TV input card and capture output with second computer. I''m a newbie at this so I''m not sure what to look out for. As cost wise, it seems to get a good capture card, I would need to fork out thousands. 4. Writing code to spit out images every frame. This is not feasible for me solution as I have too many different apps. What are you recommendations?

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