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Win Classes [myth // class installers ]

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Hi all, I am normaly coding under dos and c & borland but i want to do some windows programming to . I startet learning how to code vc6++ but it´ßs not very satisfying . Its not very easy vor me to learn how to use that mfc assistant . What i want to do is just a small intro proggy like an installer from myst or class . A small demo of my work under windows with music and some nice graphic . But therefor i have to change the windows class so and that is my only question where can i change the size the geometrie of the window () do they use opengl or direct x? How can i do that ??? _______________________________________________________________ Thank you fort your attention # _______________________________ Nxo

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I guess you are talking about the height and width of a window..

In the article http://www.gamedev.net/reference/programming/features/gpgenesis1/default.asp it explains some basic windows programming...

this is taken from the article:

HWND CreateWindowEx(
DWORD dwExStyle,
LPCTSTR lpClassName,
LPCTSTR lpWindowName,
DWORD dwStyle,
int x, // horizontal position of window
int y, // vertical position of window
int nWidth, // window width
int nHeight, // window height
HWND hWndParent,
HMENU hMenu,
HINSTANCE hInstance,
LPVOID lpParam

But are you talking about a window or fullscreen? well in both cases, in the article you can find the answer...

And most non-game windows programs don't use DirectX or OpelGl.. I have yet to see one of these , but if you need fast graphics you should probably use DirectX, I don't think OpenGl can be used in windows without fullscreen ... ;D

Btw, how can put the code into the box thingie that is used in the forum?

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Thanks for your reply ,
I know how to change the size and withdraw of the standard window , but it´s a littel bit more ....
i dont want a normal window . For example ... lets make a round window that looks like a circle !! is that possible too in windows and can i put graphics in there , just plain bitmaps ?
Should be possible , this programm should only work for a praesentation .!Thats what i want ... and please don´t tell me that i should do that with flash or macromedia director ...
Iwant my own code || And a standalone exe that works on every standart windows pc . (no flash no director & so on)....
it´s a kind of diskmag like on www.hugi.de
So if you have any ressources (www)or information(c/txt/doc/dat)whatever || i would be very happy about it .
Have a nice day or night ?

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