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Projective Textures

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I''ve been reading over the specs for projective texturing, and i was wondering if it is possible project 1 texture, using 1 texture unit, to two non orthogonal locations. Right now, if i want to project 8 textures on a GeForce 3, i have to do 2 passes of 4 projected texture units. I''d really like to cut this down, as i plan on adding ALOT more projective textures. Any ideas?? ~Main

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Depending on what angles you need to project the textures at, i''m sure you could set up some sort of cube map to handle it for you; or atleast that might be a place to start.

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Well, one solution i came up with is along those same lines. If I''m projecting non overlapping textures, i could place them in a Parabaloid texture, and project it hemi-sphereicly into the scene.

Only problem with that, is your parabaloid texture has to be large enough to hold all your projected textures, and, if you''re not using up all the space of the para texture, it''s wasted memory.

As far as the cube mapping goes, I was hoping to somehow impliment cube mapping in vertex shaders, and modify the algorithm to project differently. Since cube mapping uses the largest magnitute to pick the face to get the tex coords off of, i was trying to construct a formula for it, but have come up blank.

Anyone else have any ideas?


Colt "MainRoach" McAnlis

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