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Majestic XII

Any good books or URLs?

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Coz    169
There are some great design doc help here, and in you will find some help also. Try to read the Bad Game Designer, No Twinkie! series, and A Crash Course in Game Design & Production they both have helped me a lot, and they are both aviable from GameDev you can find them under Resources, in Articles and Resources, goto the part about design and you should find it, ok?

The information is out there you just have to know where and how to look, usually you can find the information here, in gamasutra, or in google so you don't really have to ask next time... ;D
Another thingie, I tried to make the gamasutra URL clickable but I don't really know how.. I tried using </html>

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Rob Loach    1504
I just bought "Object-Oriented Programming in C++" by Robert Lafore and it is really well done. I'm about a quater of the way through it. It goes step by step on how to achieve OOP Very useful in games. It also serves as a good reference. I've actually refined a bunch of old stuff I did in the past.

[EDIT] Any other experianced recommendations?

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irbrian    130
Somewhere I actually have a "skeleton" or "bare bones" game design document written by Chris Taylor (the acclaimed designer of Total Annihlation and Dungeon Siege). I''ll have to fish that up and post it, I know a lot of us (including me) would find that useful.


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Dauntless    314
While it may not be the best way to learn about game design, looking at the source code for a game can be a good way to see how a game was put together. However, it requires that you understand some programming concepts.

When I first started posting on this forum, I knew very little about programming, and had just started learning. I've always been more of a freewilled creative sort that wasn't good at rigorous and precise "formulas" to do things. So in the beginning I was afraid of learning how to program. However, at the same time, I realized that games require both imagination and structured thought. You can have great ideas, but those ideas have to be expressed in terms that computer languages can express. It's like how some spoken languages simply don't have words to convey an idea (for example, the Pueblo indians have no word in their vocabulary to express the concept of "persuasion", "coerce", or "manipulate"). Without understanding how computers express concepts, all of your ideas may be for naught.

Or worse, when you try to convey your idea to the programmers, their perspective or understanding of your idea may be different. So when they start coding away at your ideas, you may not realize that what they are doing isn't exactly what you intended. I therefore highly recommend that game designers at least be familiar with Object Oriented Programming concepts if not a language itself. At least this way a designer can best express his ideas in a pre precise and concise manner. So on that note, I'd recommend learning UML which is fairly easy to help you understand how software is built.

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Impossible    134 is a nice site. There are also a few books out there (Game Design Perspectives, Game Design and Architecture, the New Andrew Rollings and Ernest Adams book.) Chris Crawford''s game design book (probably the first on the subject) is available at I hope these links are useful.

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