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Port access + XP

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Hi! Do you guys know any possible way to access the parallel port (like the OUTP and INP functions) under Windows XP? OUTP and INP doesn''t work! I''ve tested it. Thank you!

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"Protected Mode", the active word being "Protected".

Forget all DOS style programming techniques in any OS after 9x, interrupt vectors etc have all been rerouted to prevent applications acting like they''re the only thing running on the system!

If you need truly low level access for the purposes of interfacing custom hardware, then write a Kernel mode driver - there are some well documented low level parallel port API calls in the DDK.

To simply send and recieve data, use the Win32 API. CreateFile() lets you open device names like "LPT1" for access. Then functions like SetCommState(), SetCommBreak() etc let you control the non-data items. You can also pass the same handle to the lower level DeviceIO Win32 stuff which sits on the other side of the Kernel mode driver level.

For printing, do your users a favour and use the proper print manager. (Hopefully apps which aren''t capable of printing to a network printer are a thing of the past - I''d hate to encourage any new ones).

Simon O''Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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there are some programs availible that open access to the ports for certain processes or even all of them. porttalk is one of them. writing a driver is pretty steep yo.

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