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Motion Blur without affecting background

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Hello list, I''m trying to implement motion blur for a specified object. My problem is, this object is in a room and the room has to be rendered as well (without blur). I''ve thought I could render the whole scene to a texture and later render the texture on top of all objects with some alpha, but how do I get it that the room is not affected, only my object? If I would render only the object to the texture in the next frame the room would become very dark. Any tips? _____________________________________ Visit http://www.nilsschneider.de for finest trance music, studio, bio, guestbook and more!

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the easiest way is to render the entire scene with the object several times(let''s say 10) to an array of textures, then combine all of them by blending them together with GL_SRC_ALPHA,GL_ONE.
and with a alpha of 0.1.

Another way is to render the object several times(while moving it backwards) each time progressivly more transparent.

IF you want to do a cheap thing then do as in tuturial 36, first render the object to a texture, render the entire scene(with object), then finaly blend the texture you just rendered in a trail behind it.

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