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handling movement of objects

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I have a GameManager class that contains all objects in the game, including input/sound/rendering class. Now, GameManager has a function called Present() that basically renders all objects, play sounds etc. It works like this: d3ddevice->BeginScene() // for each object object->render( ... ); d3ddevice->EndScene() Now, I got stuck with the process of movement. If I have an object, let's say, A, and I want that object to move from (0,0) to (5,5), obviously I can't use a loop, that way all other objects will be "halted" until A reaches (5,5), so the movement must be handled on the per frame basis. For each frame, for example, move A .2 to the right, and .2 downward, so in 25 frames, A will reach (5,5) -- this is just an example. But I am not really sure how to do this. How do I make in such a way that the rendering process of A doesn't know to where A is moving. I don't want to have something like X += .2 in the render() function of A. render() function should only render A based on where A is. The movement must be handled somewhere else, meaning, I have to create another function called move() and I *have* to call this function to update the X and Y position before the rendering process. Now, surely, I don't want GameManager to do this. I don't want GameManager to instruct A to move to a specific location, A must be able to handle itself, A must be able to update its location at each frame drawn....but how??
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well make an update function then

if u want obj A to move by itself then give A a destination vector. then for each frame do

a.vPos = a.vPos + (a.vDest - a.vPos) * a.Speed * frameInterval
(a.Speed is a float here from 0 - 1, if u wanna use units then
use Normalize(a.VDest - a.vPos) * a.Speed)

(so at 30 fps or 500 fps ur object moves at the same speed)

if u wanna pause the game then

if (!sysPaused) UpdateEverythin();

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Make Update(fElapsedTime) function for GameManager. Update all the objects'' positions (speeds, accelerations, etc.) in the Update function. For each object, use a flag to express "this thing is moving", and define a destination point.

I hope it helps.

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