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Speed up a game more

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Hi.. I asked about how to speed up a game for a week or so and got some very good answers, and since then I''ve been codeing some of that stuff. Let''s see... Before having anyting done to get higher fps, I had like 35fps on my computer. Now I have like 150 (without vsync on the screen) and I''m wondering if I an speed it up even more (okey, it wont look like it goes faster, still, it will be better with higher speed for older computers). So, I have a frustum culling and an octree. I also render some of the level in to a displaylist. I tried to use tringale-strips and vertex-arrays, even if it did''nt increase the speed that much. So now I have no more ideas, and need some advices. Yeah and one more thing, the texture. When enable the texture the fps drops quite a bit. Ofcourse it has to drop, but maybe there''s a way to make the code better with textures .. ? Lastly, my game looks like, ehh, it''s like a warcraft 3 view, around a 45 angle view over a hightmap.. with textures and models and stuff. And advice are welcome, thank you!

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vertex buffer objects, if you aren''t using them already. Check the OpenGL extension registry for more details; they''re ARB.

Also... you''re already using texture objects, right?

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

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Continue to observe where are the possible bottlenecks...
by isolate piece of code and bypass others and get the new FPS,...It''s very sad to spend a lot of energy to optimize a code that globally takes only a 5% of the frame-time-cost...(as you know optimization -> less understandable code). So optimize where you really need more speed!
i.e.:bottlenecks are in the physic sim? Fixed point math (integers), lookup tables,...
are in the rendering pipeline? Try with different polygons (TRIANGLE STRIPS), vertex array (however I noticed a little improvement), disable LINEAR filter (it improves performance on a lot of video cards!)...

These are general guidelines...
Try to sort your object/mesh renderings to perform the less number of texture changing...
Try to not change OpenGL states (glEnable/Disable) frequently

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