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DirectX9 (???Backwards Compat???)

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Just abit of a query here, Has anyone else had any problems with trying to get DX apps/games compiled with previous version of DirectX working with DirectX9. I seem to be getting errors such as cannot create device when I try to run my project compiled with DX8.1 This is not just on my machine and I have also seen games such as Vampire The Masquerade Redemption which would not work on 8. Also Microsoft seems to have changed some of the functions and dropped some of the constants in 9....means trying trying to get like the samples from 8 working on 9 a nightmare. Kinda defies the whole idea of basing DirectX on COM so it remains backwards compat. I cant be the only one having these problems.. Starting to wonder if it was even worth upgrading as its been nothing but problems. Whats you view?

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I''ve ported a couple of large apps from DX8 to DX9, seen others do it, and never heard of a problem (other than the grunt work of making the changes and switching to new functions, etc).

If you have a DX9-based app that can''t create device then please make sure the sample apps work, because it could be your driver isn''t supported by DX9 (it requires a DX7-DDI or new driver) or their''s a bug in your code.

I''m not sure what you mean about V:TM:TR not working ...

The point of COM is that you can continue to use the DX8 (or DX7, etc) sets of interfaces and not worry about upgrading to DX9 (or DX8 if you''re using DX7, etc).

So, if there''s features you need in DX9, then upgrade. If not, it''s your choice.

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