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In short: - Making "mods" (modifications) for existing games. - Making your games ''moddable'' or scriptable. - Embedding scripting languages in other programs. - Extending scripting languages using other languages (such as C or C++). - Designing or implementing your own scripting language. - Implementing parsers or compilers for existing languages. - General help with the languages and mechanisms involved in modding and scripting. Some of the above topics (deliberately) overlap, and there are other related topics that are likely to be acceptable too. Note that questions regarding general mod design may be better placed in the Game Design forum, questions about graphical or sound resources might go in the Visual Arts or Music and Sound forums, and so on. I''m interested in taking any suggestions for additions to the FAQ for the Scripting side of things, as I think I''ll leave the Modding FAQ largely in place. [ MSVC Fixes | STL Docs | SDL | Game AI | Sockets | C++ Faq Lite | Boost
Asking Questions | Organising code files | My stuff | Tiny XML | STLPort]

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