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Generating accurate NURB Surfaces

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Hey all, I have a problem that I can''t easily solve... I understand how NURBs work and that''s all well and fine. (At least I think I do) Here''s my problem: It seems that traditionally, NURBs are used to approximate curves given control points. By tweaking the control points (and knot vector) you can change the curvature, shape, etc. of the surface. I have a (very large) set of points that the surface MUST pass through, and another set of points (also large) that the surface must be modified by, but NOT pass through. I''m having so many problems trying to generate the appropriate control points and knots so the surface comes out looking good. For an example of the dimensions I''m workin with... 1 model contains approximately 450k data points. Of these points, 400k of them are surface points and 50k are "influencial" points. The surface forms a closed volume. I guess my biggest problem is that all the material I''ve read discusses how to go from control points/knots to surface point, but not the other way around.... IS there a way to go backwards? Thanks a lot in advance, LR

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