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DirectPlay8 , DPClient.Send method in Visual Basic

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Hello, My first trials into DP8 have been somewhat stalled by this development. I''ve got a Host running, and when the host starts the DirectPlay8Event_CreatePlayer event fires properly. I''ve got a client running, and when the client connects to the host the DirectPlay8Event_CreatePlayer event fires properly. Now I''m trying to use the .Send method of the DirectPlay8Client object like so:
    Dim bByteBuffer() As Byte, lngOffset As Long
    Dim lngResult As Long
    ''//Check if there''s anything usefull in the chat message
    If Len(strMessage & "") = 0 Then Exit Sub
    ''//New packet
    lngOffset = NewBuffer(bByteBuffer)
    ''//Add packet header
    Call AddDataToBuffer(bByteBuffer, bPacketChat, SIZE_BYTE, lngOffset)
    ''//Add chat message
    Call AddStringToBuffer(bByteBuffer, strMessage, lngOffset)

    ''//Send the chat message
    lngResult = dxDPClient.Send(bByteBuffer, 0, DPNSEND_GUARANTEED Or DPNSEND_NOLOOPBACK)


The Receive event on my server is not firing, and lngresult equals some random number each time (3 once, 33554433 another time, 16777517 another)..

Anyone know enough to possible sort this one out?



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