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My cousin and I have been working on making our own game site with news, reviews, screens, etc for all consoles and PC and to get a bit of a user base goin' before the site's launched we've opened the forums. The site is Gaming XS (Gaming Excess) and although we've recently registered the domain ( the forum's being stored temporarily elsewhere ( My cousin's pretty much running the forum while I create the actual site. Hopefully we should be able to get a good community going so please come by, register and speak your mind. By joining early and posting regularly you will have a good chance of becoming a MOD down the track. Forum Also if you're interested in being a content writer for any section of the site or are knowledgable in PHP and want to help me out with the site's creation then email me at The site is due to be launched on the 13th of June. [edited by - The_Titan on May 3, 2003 1:18:46 AM]

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