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creating sprite graphics

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i have a question that has been burning in my mind for years... how does one create sprites similar to those of final fantasy 6? for those of you who have played FF6 youll notice that the sprites have a great range of color in them (they use much more than 256 colors, much much more). im at a total loss as to what to use to create that style of sprite. i had my mom (who is a graphic artist by trade) take a look at them and she said she wasnt quite sure how it was done but she commented that they looked like something more complex simply shrunk and flattened to something smaller and less complex. i dont want to recreate sprites that are exactly like the ones if ff6 but i want to find a way to create sprites that are in the same style and of the same amount of detail (the enemy sprites in particular). theyre all in that awkward area between being simple 8bit color sprites that look really flat (like ff1) and theyre not anything like 32bit color sprites (cant think of any really good examples right now, but im sure theyres som 32 bit games that use sprites that are very detailed with lots of color in them). if anyone out there has made sprites similar to those of ff6 (or even ff5, since theyre good, but not too detailed) i would greatly appreciate it if you could point me in the right direction as to the software to use (i doubt MS paint would work lol..) and the general process of it all. Bungo!

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Theres two main ways to create sprites: paint them by hand or render them from detailed models. The hand painting might be done using some sort of template (photos, or even basic renders).

I haven''t seen the sprites you refer to, but they will use one of the above ways (or possibly a combination of the two).

Theres no reason you couldn''t do it in MS paint, if you had the drawing skill, although more likely would be Photoshop (again, with the drawing skill, can you see a pattern? ) maybe from hand sketches.

The models could be animated and rendered in any 3D package, 3ds max, Maya etc. then the frames rendered and put together.

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