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Death Hunter

Slow DX9AppWizar framework compilation

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Hi! I''ve created a new DX9 project using the DX9 AppWizar(that comes with the SDK). I''ve included D3D, DInput and Fonts, but excluded everything else. It''s a single document type application. The thing is that my VC++ 6.0 recompiles the whole project each time I press ''compile'' or ''run''. If I change a simple constant in the main file, it recompiles all of the files included in the framework, no matter it''s not needed. Also, even if I don''t change anything, it always recompiles before running. That''s the only project with such behavior. Any ideas? This didn''t happen before, and I''ve used all the defaults. Thanks. I''''ve heard about the wheel, but I don''''t know what it is, so I''''m trying to invent it. -Ivan

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