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I''ve got a basic camera class up and running where it uses a quaternion to store it''s orientation, a 4x4 matrix is then created from this quaternion and passed to OpenGL. My question is I want to be able to give my camera class a point to look at, similar to the way gluLookAt works, but I can''t figure out what to do to the camera''s orientation quaternion to make the camera look at the specified point. Can anyone help please ?

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If you really must store the orientation as a quaternion, then just construct the rotation matrix for the lookat, then convert that back to your quaternion. (the rotation matrix is simple to construct:

z_axis = normalize( -(focus - eye) );

x_axis = normalize( cross(up,z_axis) );

y_axis = cross(z_axis,x_axis);


You''ll need to fiddle it a bit depending on your matrix system, this one here adheres to the OpenGL conventions).

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