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Notation: Postfix = good, Prefix = ??? Simply, can someone help me figure this out?

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I'm having a problem (why i don't know) of converting infix to prefix and prefix to infix. as well as just solving a prefix equation correctly. here's an example: / + - A / B C E + A B do you read it from left to right or right to left? [edited by - Alpha_ProgDes on May 3, 2003 7:56:55 PM]

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When thinking in terms of pushing and popping operands on a stack, you should read from right to left (which is why postfix notation is somewhat more common).

How appropriate. You fight like a cow.

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Prefix notation is the operator followed by its operands. These are all binary operators, so each operator takes two operands. Take your data and insert delimiting parentheses:

/ + - A (/ B C) E (+ A B)

This is the obvious step. Each of these quantities reduces to one value, so add more parentheses:

/ + (- A (/ B C)) E (+ A B)
/ (+ (- A (/ B C)) E) (+ A B)
(/ (+ (- A (/ B C)) E) (+ A B))

Then take each one and put the operator in the middle instead of in front:

(/ (+ (- A (B / C)) E) (A + B))
(/ (+ (A - (B / C)) E) (A + B))
(/ ((A - B/C) + E) (A + B))
(((A - B / C) + E) / (A + B))

Remove the superfluous parentheses:
(A - B / C + E) / (A + B)

This is the easiest way I''ve found to convert from one notation to another manually. The easiest way to convert in a computer is a lot different.

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For a quick and dirty prefix parser, do the following:

eat a token
if it''s an operator, lhs = gettoken(), rhs = gettoken(), return operator(lhs,rhs)
if it''s a constant or variable, return it;

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