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Exporting skeleton from Maya

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Hi! I have created an exporter plugin for maya which exports the mesh in the binding pos and the skeleton for all frames. The mesh exporter works, but i wasn't able to export the correct matrices for the joints. Has anyone experience with exporting joints from maya? Thanks for your help! Currently do it that way:
   // get joints

    // iterate over all skin clusters in DG

    MSpace::Space space = MSpace::kWorld;
    MItDependencyNodes itNodes(MFn::kSkinClusterFilter);
    for( /**/; !itNodes.isDone(); {
      MFnSkinCluster fnSkin(itNodes.item());

      // get all influence objects for skin cluster

      MDagPathArray infObjArray;
      fnSkin.influenceObjects(infObjArray, &stat);
      for (unsigned int iInfluence=0; iInfluence<infObjArray.length(); iInfluence++) {
        // get bones

        float m[4][4];
          exporters->addJoint(infObjArray[iInfluence].partialPathName().asChar(), Matrix4(&m[0][0]));
Have fun Bunnz [edited by - Bunnz on May 4, 2003 6:25:24 AM]

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