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Blending modes???

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Do anyone know what every BlendFunc combination do??? I mean, i know the glBlendFunc(GL_ONE, GL_ONE) is for additive blending. I mean that every pixel''s color is added to the color buffer. What about other common combinations. If i read in a paper that i need to do multiplicative (!!!)blending, what glBlendFunc must i use??? Thanks in advance. And forgive my terrible English!!! HellRaiZer

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The equation is
(srcColor * srcOperand) operation (DestColor * destOperand)

SrcColor = the new fragmend( the triangle that you draw)
DestColor = The frame buffer ( what you drawn before)
srcOperand = the first argument in glBlendFunc
destOperand = the last argument in glBlendfunc

operation = always + if you dont set othervise with an extension (and if that case you know about it)

so for multiplaction blend we want

we can also write that as
result = (SrcColor * Destcolor) + (DestColor * 0);

and in code

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