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extra numbers appearing....

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ok, so Im trying to convert stings to ints.... Im using the strings found in and a couple of functions I built after reading some things off another site. The problem as the title suggests, is that Im getting extra numbers on the end. I thought it might be garbage, but it is always the same.... if I want to convert 15 I''ll get 150040105F.... weird.. anyway the first function is as follows:
string intToString(int x) {

	ostringstream stream;
	string temp;
	stream << x << ends;
	return(temp = stream.str());

}// end intToString()

and the second:
template<class T>
string ToString(const T& source)
  ostringstream oss;
  oss << source;
  return oss.str();
now the second did work if I had it declared in the same file as it was being used, but if it was put in a header and included then it added the numbers.... Im utterly confused by this... any ideas????

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The ends is unnecessary, as indeed is the temp variable. Just return stream.str(). Not sure about the extra numbers. Are you doing a full rebuild? What compiler and STL library are you using?

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good points both of them....

Im using VC++ 6.0 with all of the normal libs, so I guess their STL libs.... Im none to up to it with STL... anyway, Im re-buildin everything each time... ::shrug:: I have a hack in place that just removes the numbers off the end, but that could do a lot of damage so Im trying to find a way around it...

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