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Looking for Modelers / Texture Artists...

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Hey there, Currently two of my friends and I are working on an RTS, Counter-Strike RTS. Basicly, we have been playing CS For a few years now and we love it. So we decided to make an RTS Dedicated to Valve and all the CS Fans out there. In Full 3D and 3D Sound, The Land and buildings will be 3d, kind of like C&C Generals. Unforchanatly we are not the best modelers or texture artists, so we need help. The engine supports .X files, .MDL's, .MD2's .MD3's and .3DS's. Textures are basicly JPG, BMP, GIF, DDS, PNG. Any help would be appreciated, sorry for no screen shots, but all we really have graphics wise is a SAS Running on an UGLY, Ugly Textured landscape Thanks in advance.. ( Web Site soon ) -Jessen [edited by - Jessen on May 4, 2003 10:48:16 PM]

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