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Joe Bob

SDL 1.2.5 on Debian?

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I have successfully compiled SDL 1.2.5 under Debian 3.0 on my Alpha PWS 500au. However, SDL_Init is having some trouble, I keep getting the message: Couldn''t initialize SDL: No available video device X seems to be working well enough...Any idea where the problem lies?

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What''s wrong with the libsdl1.2 package that Debian Woody provides?

If you really need 1.2.5 rather than Woody''s 1.2.4, Sid already has a package for SDL 1.2.5. You could probably download the source for the Sid package, and build it for Woody. You may have to slightly modify the debian/controls file, but that is easy (especially if you''ve done if before, so you''ll know what to look for).

Anyway, here are some instructions if you want to do that:

  1. apt-get install dpkg-dev fakeroot

  2. Download this file (just to keep you from having to mess with sources.list; it''s the results of apt-get source libsdl1.2 in Sid).

  3. Extract that archive somewhere and open a terminal in libsdl1.2-1.2.5 directory inside the directory it creates.

  4. Type: dpkg-buildpackage -us -uc -rfakeroot (this will take a moment, and may tell you to install some -dev packages).

  5. If you''re lucky, you won''t have to change anything in the debian/control file to get it to work.

  6. Some (unsigned, since we didn''t sign them) .deb files should get spit out in the parent directory; you can install one of these.

  7. Doing it this way will keep all the nice Debian packaging and modifications that your hand built SDL wouldn''t have.

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