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Win32 File Searching in A Specific Directory

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Hey All Im having probs with searching a certain directory for files using FindFirstFile and FindNextFile. Platform SDK says: hSearch = FindFirstFile("*.txt", &FileData); ^ That would search for all .txt files,if I understand correctly. But what if I wanted to search a specific directory? Ive made a select directory dialog that will get the dir name to be searched but I dont know if its format is correct. The dirname gets stored in a TCHAR array like so called "szFolder[MAX_PATH] and it holds "C:\AFolder" which the select directory puts in, which is correct but if I use that in FindFirstFile it will only give me the info about the directory and not the files in it. If the above format is correct how would I change the string to hold the current directory plus "\*.*" next to it. i.e "C:\AFolder\*.*" Basically I just want to search a specific directory for all files. Please Help Thanks :D

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strcat(szFolder, "\\*.*")

Then if you FindFirstFile with szFolder it will look for all the files in whatever folder was in szFolder.

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Hey darkchrono4

Ok ive done what uve said buts its still giving me wrong info about the files.

After i inserted the line you told me to it reports it as:


which is what I want,but it still doesnt work,im trying to get it to put all the filenames in a .txt file. But all I get is sum gobbledy gook in the file (info on directory itself?).

However if I enter the path manually like so:


It works perfectly. I dont know what I should do to enter the second ''\'' after "C:\". And also no idea why even tho I added the above function into my code the second pair of backslashes arnt double like "\\" but instead theyre ''\''.

Any suggestions?

Thanks Again

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