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Usage of IDirect3DCubeTexture9

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Hello, I am seeking a working example Cube map textures and how to use them properly, without the use of X files. The DXSDK samples all use X files (env-map.x) to organize a cube map object and apply the 6 texture faces. I even went on ATI and nVidia web sites for sample demos, but I did not find any. My goal is that I''d like to do render an environment cube around the camera, without the use of X files. so basically I created my own vertex buffer, and called DrawPrimitive manually. I am using 3D vectors as I should be, but only 3 of the 6 faces (PZ, PY, PX) are rendered properly, the other 3 (Nx, Ny, Nz) are completely distorted, and seem to be repeating within themselves. Should the texture vector only be positive? Has anyone seen such behavior? Is there a sample setting or render setting that I must include to properly draw the texture surfaces? I hope I''m not the only one trying to write a environment map renderer..

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