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VB.NET: Form question

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Is there any way I can get formb to change forma''s controls? I as trying something like: Dim instanceFormA As new forma() instanceFormA.myInteger = 0 ''myInteger is public But it didn''t chance anything. so is it possible to change forma with formb? What i''m really trying to accomplish here is, if i do this: Dim instanceFormB as new formb() instanceFormB.Show() in a button and keep clicking it, i got a billion windows. I only want it to run if that form is not open, so is there another way to check if the form is loaded or not? Otherwise i was using an integer inside forma and if its 0, load formb, and then change it to 1, now im trying to when formb is closed set the int in forma to 0, so it knows its unloaded. I hope this isn''t confusing, heh.

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Basically, any time you do new formb you create a new form - if you organize your code like this:
inside form a:

Dim instanceFormB as new formb() '' not in a method

''in a method (a button for example)

you should get the desired results.

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