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Good, relevant IK tutorial

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I''ve been looking for a good resource on modelling IK humanoids and then integrating collision detection. I know it''s a pretty huge topic, but I can''t find anything that doesn''t just explain what IK is, which I understand. Does anyone know of a decent tutorial on the subject?

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I doubt you'll find "tutorial" level stuff for complete humanoids because that's in 'advanced' IK territory.

For simple joints in 2D and some information about moving to 3D etc, check out the Game Developer magazine articles Jeff Lander did:


And his Game Developers Conference stuff:


EDIT: And if all of that's too simple for you:

Jessica Hodgins has done quite a bit of stuff that might be of interest (including some talks at GDC):


Depending which areas are of most interest, many of the larger universities have research going on in directly related fields:


[and of course there's about 20 years worth of SIGGRAPH papers which might be of interest ]

Simon O'Connor
Creative Asylum Ltd

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Thankyou for the reply.

I guess I''ll need to start from the bottom and work up. Implementing a 2d solution and expanding it as I go.

Plent of stuff for me to read through in the meantime, so thanks again.

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