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Anybody trying to render 2d sprites in directx 8?

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As you know, with the advent of directx 8, Microsoft removed DirectDraw, which prevented the programmer from easily blit sprites to the screen. Either you had to work with Microsoft''s IDirect3dxSprite interface (which has some errors in it) or you had to program your application to draw textured quads (which is tedious and confusing). Well, in this post I want to gauge the demand for an easy to use wrapper to help former directdraw developers migrate to directx 8 with an elegant object oriented wrapper that helps render 2d sprites to the screen using textured quads. And not only does it render textured quads, it helps the developer set up a window and initialize direct3d and directinput with minimal coding. It also supports keyboard and mouse (directinput). If you are interested in such a package, leave a message here so that I may (as I had said before) "gauge" the demand for a package like I am describing. And if you would like to play around with the one I''m referring to, you download the wrapper here: I must warn you: the documentation isn''t complete. I think the example is the most helpful to demonstrate how easy it can be to create a simple quick demo of what GamediaLib (as I am referring to it) can do. And another warning: this is in its beta stage, and I''m working on it to make it better. And if you have any questions, please email me at Thankyou, Cipher I am Ciph, and that is what I am

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