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another strategy game idea

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Here''s the idea: Imagine a fantasy turn based strategy game. It has 2 categories of units: 1) Regular units like soldiers, archers, stuff like that 2) Wizard units. A wizard would be able to cast only one type of spell. For example, one wizard could create wholes in the ground, which would impede enemy movement. Another wizard could make poisonous gas cloud. Another could create wind. So some wizards would have really useful magic, others not so useful. Different wizards could complement each other''s abilities. A very important part of the game would be the creation of new wizards with unique abilities. Player could take any 2 wizards and have them make a new wizard whose magic type is somehow a factor of the magic types of original 2 wizards, plus some random factor. The process of making new wizards would be limited by time to keep the game balanced. The player could be one of the more powerful wizards, perhaps with several magic types instead of one. And enemy leaders would also be powerful wizards. Another important aspect of the game is that every wizard would have an AI, so wizards aren''t directly controlled by the player. But all the regular units, like soldiers and stuff, would still be controlled directly by player, or the wizards they belong to. The game would have many wizards, but only several really powerful ones, the leaders. So the player would have to use diplomacy skills to attract wizards to his side, so they do what the player wants. And the player could try converting enemy wizards, bribing them and stuffing. Since new wizards with different abilities would appear in the game on regular basis, it would be important to keep exploring the land in search of new wizards and try to establish relations with them. But what if that new wizard you found is actually an enemy spy? Wizards with good abilities would demand to have their own little armies of regular soldiers, which player could give them to keep them happy. There''s a lot of potential for diplomatic aspect of a game like this. It would require complex AI though. I think such a game would work best as turn based game since turn based games give player more time to think, and AI could use the CPU while player is handling his turn. Other aspects of the game would be more standard: maps with cities that can be captured and that produce regular fighting units. Magic items that can be found and forged. Magic creatures that guard treasures. What do you think?

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