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easy 3DS to MD2 - solution

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Hunting around some more for a standalone 3DS to MD2 converter, I found qdata which is included with the Quake2 source and is what ID Software used. You can download the original qdata source from the Dev Zone in the "Game Source Code" section under Quake2. However it's not in binary form and I havn't tried compiling that version. However, you can download Qdata.zip from the FTP of www.icarusindie.com which is a compiled version with a fix for the direction of the normals in 3DS files as well as q2mdlr82.zip to easily view the animations. To use qdata first set up the directory structure c:\quake2\baseq2\models Put qdata.exe in the baseq2 directory. Put your 3DS files in subdirectories of models create a qdt file in baseq2 In the file this is the format to use: $cd bull //subdirectory of models for this animation $modelname tris.md2 //output file name $origin 0 0 24 //offsets to fix any position problems outside 3D Studio max $base BWa001 //base 3DS file all others are based on $frame BWa001 BWa002 BWa003 BWa004 BWa005 BWa006 BWa007 BWa008 //all the files that make up the animation $frame BWa008 ... To create the MD2 file simply run qdata -3ds your.qdt The resulting MD2 file will end up in the baseq2 directory. Animations are defined by the base name. In the above the animation name is "bwa" To have more that one animation in the file simply use a different base name for each set and don't mix animation files around. Keep everything in order. There is no limit I'm aware of for the number of frames or number of animations that can be put into a single MD2 file using qdata. Just make sure every frame you put in one file uses the same base file. GameTutorials.com has an MD2 loader/renderer with animation demo all ready to go to test out your models in OpenGL. However, his class has a lot of things that need to be fixed if you plan to incorporate it into any game project. Ben [edited by - KalvinB on May 8, 2003 12:03:04 AM]

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Guest Anonymous Poster
Hi all,
I followed this tutorial and would like to thank you all for a such a wonderful tutorial.

However, skinning is not included in this tutorial and managed to find how to skin it:

$skin skinOfModel

skinOfModel must be in lbm format (packed, not interleaved) and I just can''t find anything that would do that. Nothing!

Help here please?

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